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We are a husband and wife duo. We are looking forward to talking about Mythology, Mental health, Current Events and much more! Not politically correct. Not for children.

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Sunday Aug 22, 2021

Bunny and I have been feeling stressed and our mental health was feeling strained so we decided to take some time and try to get things back to an ok level. We apologize and hope we can explain things in this episode it is shorter than some other episodes but we hope you will understand once you listen. Thank you from our hearts. Please visit our website and help us get out there by sharing our podcast it is greatly appreciate.

Sunday Jun 06, 2021

This Episode turned into a bit of a mess but we are uploading anyway. Rabbit and Bunny talk luck and karma as well as some other things that got out of hand. The plans on what to discuss fell apart and we may have gone off topic and said some things we shouldn't have but hey its our podcast and things happen. lol

Friday May 28, 2021

Rabbit and Bunny delve into mental health on this episode of Rabbits Den. Why has mental disorders become so prevalent in todays society? Talks about social media, psychiatry, conspiracy theories and faith abound. Rabbit and Bunny know they are not experts and all views expressed are for entertainment. So enjoy.

Sunday May 23, 2021

Rabbits Den is discussing how Mythology and Religion works/attacked in todays Hypersensitive P.C. climate. Rabbit and Bunny give some of their thoughts though not in the greatest form on the situation and talk about THEIR FEELINGS on the situation. These are the Opinions and thoughts of the hosts and are not meant to determine or deter anyone or anything.

Saturday May 22, 2021

This is an episode to let you get a taste of what we are and what we will be talking about in the podcast. Rabbit and Bunny are a Husband and Wife Duo looking to share some of what they talk about with the world so if you are interested in Mythology, Mental Health, Current Events and other things of those natures then this may be for you.

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